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A Proposed Hybrid-Computer Method for Functional Optimization

Authors: Granino A. Korn and Hideo Kosako

On Finite-Memory Sequential Machines

Authors: Yahiko Kambayashi, Shuzo Yajima, Isao Ohbayashi

On the State Minimization of Nondeterministic Finite Automata

Authors: Tsunehiko Kameda and Peter Weiner

Enumeration of Threshold Functions of Eight Variables

Authors: Saburo Muroga, Teiichi Tsuboi, Charles R. Baugh

Sequential Machines Capable of Fault Diagnosis

Authors: Shin-ichi Murakami, Kozo Kinoshita, Hiroshi Ozaki

A New Associative Memory System Utilizing Holography

Authors: Mitsuhito Sakaguchi, Nobuo Nishida, Tadao Nemoto

This list is based on the data extracted from dblp: IEEE Transactions Computers