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A Property of N-Graphs

Authors: Akihiro Hashimoto and Kohei Noshita

Synthesis of Networks with a Minimum Number of Negative Gates

Authors: Toshihide Ibaraki and Saburo Muroga

Failsafe Logic Nets

Authors: Nobuki Tokura, Tadao Kasami, Akihiro Hashimoto

Failure-Tolerant Sequential Machines with Past Information

Authors: Yoshihiro Tohma and Susumu Aoyagi

N-Fail-Safe Logical Systems

Authors: Tadao Takaoka and Hisashi Mine

Computer Diagnosis Using the Blocking Gate Approach

Authors: Chittoor V. Ramamoorthy and Wataru Mayeda

Realization of Fail-Safe Sequential Machines by Using a k-out-of-n Code

Authors: Yoshihiro Tohma, Yasuyoshi Ohyama, Ryozo Sakai

This list is based on the data extracted from dblp: IEEE Transactions Computers