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Direct-Detection Optical Communication Receivers

Authors: Estil V. Hoversten, Donald L. Snyder, Robert O. Harger, Koji Kurimoto

Channel Multiplexing Network for a Millimeter Waveguide Transmission System

Authors: Sadakuni Shimada, Isao Ohtomo, Nobuo Suzuki, Kunio Ohi, Hikaru Hirotani

Design of Digital Notch Filters

Authors: Kotaro Hirano, Shotard Nishimura, Sanjit K. Mitra

Digital DPCM Codec for TV Signals Based on Delta M/DPCM Digital Conversions

Authors: Tatsuo Ishiguro, Toshio Oshima, Hisashi Kaneko

IF Variable Equalizers for FM Microwave Radio Links

Authors: Haruo Shiki, Kaoru Koyama, Teruhisa Kurokawa

PCM Jitter Suppression by Scrambling

Authors: Hiroyuki Kasai, Sachio Senmoto, Masahiko Matsushita

Signal Detection in the Presence of Atmospheric Noise in Tropics

Authors: Maruti P. Shinde and Suresh N. Gupta

On the Packet-Interleaved Interface Between Packet-Switched Network and Computers

Authors: Hirotaro Ohba, Yutaka Yoshida, Toshihiko Nakajo, Tetsuo Nagata

Baseband Pulse Transmission in a Chain of Analog Repeaters

Authors: Yoshitaka Takasaki and Narimichi Maeda

This list is based on the data extracted from dblp: IEEE Transactions Communications